Five things you should know before you start babywearing

Fivethings you should know before you start babywearing baby sling baby carrier ireland

1. Try before you buy

Slings are like shoes: what’s perfect for one person, might be a no-­go for another. Before you decide on a particular sling or carrier, try a few with your little one for fit and comfort. You can do that by booking a Sling Consultation, attending a Babywearing Ireland Sling Meet, or popping into a specialist Babywearing Retailer.

2. Think S.L.I.N.G

When choosing a sling or carrier for you and baby, make sure they tick the following:

  • See and Sense Baby – no fabric between you and baby or over baby’s face.
  • Let Baby Breathe Freely – baby’s nose is clear and head supported but not restricted.
  • In Physiological Position – baby is supported in a natural spread­squat position with slightly rounded back.
  • No Discomfort – baby’s weight is spread over your body, there’s no pulling.
  • Gravity – baby is held tightly to your centre of gravity, making you two one unit.

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3. Invest in Learning

There’s more to Babywearing than “click and go”. Be clear what resources you are willing to invest to be comfortable and confident wearing your little one. The investment scale ranges from weeks of trial and error to 1 or 2 focused hours with a Babywearing Consultant. If you’re not comfortable with and in your sling, you are less likely to use it.

4. There’s hardly ever a “can’t”

It is incredibly rare to be faced with circumstances that are totally incompatible with Babywearing. Whether it’s surgeries, injuries, sore backs, dodgy hips, additional hardware or any other extra needs the wearer or little passenger may have – in most cases an experienced Babywearing Consultant will be able to work out a solution with you.

5. There’s a Sling for Every Parent

Whether you want to use a sling simply as a means of transport, to get dinner on every night, to reach un-buggyable places, for holidays, or to use it all day every day – there’s a sling or carrier out there that will be your perfect match.

What are your top 5 things to know about babywearing?

I originally compiled this top 5 for a blog post about babywearing on the website.



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