Ruckeli Birth to Toddler Carrier – More Tips and Tricks


In this post, I bring you some additional tips and tricks for your Ruckeli birth to toddler carrier, fresh from my meeting with the Ruckeli lads in Berlin. You can read the general review here.

We are assuming front carry with crossed straps for these tips.

Shoulder Straps

The innovative 2-part shoulder straps can be adjusted according to baby’s spine development. The newborn’s spine is rounded , gradually “straightening” out into an S-shape over the course of baby’s first 12 – 18 months.

To avoid undue pressure on your infant’s spine, the Ruckeli allows you to take baby’s weight on the strap attached to the waistbelt while keeping the strap attached to the panel reasonably loose.

newborn carrier newborn baby sling

6 week old in the Ruckeli. The strap coming from under wearer’s arm and into the panel is slightly loose to avoid pressure on baby’s spine.

As baby grows, their spine develops and they gain weight, you can increase the weight taken by the panel strap and gradually loosen the shoulder strap attached to the waist. This will also allow for baby’s increasing weight to be distributed over more areas of your body.

baby carrier buckle carrier

For an older baby and in a back carry, the strap going into the panel is tightened properly, the strap going into the waist can be loose.

Hip Carry

In the general review, I am showing you the hip carry with the Ruckeli used in hip seat mode. And there’s another hip carry too!


Simply slip one arm out of and over the shoulder strap, scoot baby towards the hip on that same side, loosen and tighten straps slightly as required. And you are done. So simple!!


I hope you enjoyed these extra little tips. If you’d like to purchase the Ruckeli, come along this way. You can also try the Ruckli on yourself: I always have a sample carrier in-store and at events I run or attend. You can find details for Open Days and Events on my website.

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