Using a Baby Sling or Carrier – What are the Benefits?

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Using a baby sling or carrier to hold your baby or child close to your body is called “babywearing”. And it’s more than a means of transport or a hands-free kit.

What are the Benefits of…

… babywearing for your baby/child?


  • meets baby’s innate need for physical contact
  • aids the development of a strong bond with the person wearing the baby regularly
  • supports normal physical, cognitive and mental development
  • develops baby’s sense of balance and muscle tone
  • physiological correct positioning of legs supports healthy hip development
  • relieves colic and constipation
  • allows baby/child to observe and be part of life in security and comfort

… babywearing for you?


  • can go anywhere without thinking about suitability for pram
  • wearer’s need for physical contact is met
  • two free hands for older children, the other twin, chores etc. (no need to wait until the baby sleeps to get stuff done!)
  • no more long and heavy arms
  • enables wearer to meet baby’s needs quickly, reducing stress for everyone
  • no need for a bulky double buggy
  • allows adoptiv parents or parents who have been physically or emotionally seperated from their baby/child to create a strong bond

And there are benefits to a babywearing consultation with bumptobeyond too!


  • demonstration of and information about a wide range of carriers and carries
  • a short session to be comfortable and confident, rather than weeks of trial and error
  • opportunity to try several different carriers or slings in a calm environment
  • step-by-step guidance, at your pace, tailored to your and your little one’s needs
  • little tweaks you won’t find in standardised instructions
  • a trained and experienced eye to assess your technique and give tips on possible adjustments
  • evidence based, every-day-compatible information about babywearing and normal infant development
  • an instructor who is one of the three longest standing babywearing experts in Ireland, is up-to-date on current research, passionate about helping parents and their children, and has years of experience as a teacher, parent supporter and babywearer herself
Want to know more about babywearing and how it would fit into your life? Get in touch to book one of my Insightful Sessions and check out my Babywearing Resources page.


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