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Research / Articles

Biological Background
BabyWHAT? – What Babywearing is All About
The Wearable Baby
The Need To Be Held
Hugs and Heart Health
Excerpt from Prof Dr Hassenstein’s “Spoiling young infants”
Carrying and Infant Crying
Kangaroo Care
Kangaroo Care: 20 reasons
Therapeutic benefits of babywearing

The Spread-Squad Position, i.e. froggy or M-shape legs
Dr med Fettweis on healthy hip development and slings
Excerpt from Dr Kirkilionis’ research thesis “A Baby wants to be Carried”
A comprehensive article comparing positioning in car seats, prams and baby slings
Biomechanics of Babywearing
Healthy Hips – Busting Some Myths
Beyond the knee-to-knee or “When is a carrier really too small?”
NOSY Syndrome – letting carried babies see the world with alternative options to facing out
Facing Outwards
Facing Out, Spine and Mum’s Pelvic Floor
How babywearing helps the wearer’s posture

Day-to-Day Babywearing and “Technical” stuff
Three Ways of Learning the Art of Babywearing
Babywearing Consultants: What and Why

Choosing your *best* Sling: An Introduction to Slings and Carriers
Think S-L-I-N-G – a great mnemomic for choosing and using a baby sling or carrier
Interview with Ina Doyle about the hows, whys an whos of babywearing
babywearing and literacy
A Baby’s Perspective: pram & sling
very comprehensive Guide to Babywearing Safety
Sling Safety with Young Babies
An info graphic leaflet about Baby Carrying Safety
factsheet on Daytime Sleep in Slings
An article with information and ideas for wearing in the cold and wet
Some tips about Babywearing in Summer
Breastfeeding While Babywearing
The Golden Rules of Babywearing or “What really matters when wearing your baby”
Babywearing Should not Hurt
My Child Hates the Sling
Why Dads should babywear!
Some thoughts on exercise while babywearing


Carrier Size Comparison Chart
Carries using Woven Wraps
Turning a narrow seat carrier into a physiological one photo instructions and video instructions (note: this doesn’t solve issues of spine and head support)
Ring Sling
Stretchy Wrap Please note: an additional headrest is not necessary when the wrap is tied tightly enough.
Front Wrap Cross Carry and how to breastfeed in it
Chest Variations with a Woven Wrap and some more
Bagging baby for a back carry with a woven wrap
Back Wrap Cross Carry
Double Hammock
Simple Rucksack1 and Simple Rucksack2
Mei Tai with padded to wrap straps (for a small baby, bringing straps under legs instead of over bum works better, once the panel offers enough side support)
one way to get a Buckle Carrier on your back and four more ways and another way