Five things you should know before you start babywearing

Fivethings you should know before you start babywearing baby sling baby carrier ireland

1. Try before you buy Slings are like shoes: what’s perfect for one person, might be a no-­go for another. Before you decide on a particular sling or carrier, try a few with your little one for fit and comfort. You can do that by booking a Sling Consultation, attending a Babywearing Ireland Sling Meet, or popping into a specialist Babywearing … Read More

Using a Baby Sling or Carrier – What are the Benefits?

baby sling baby carrier babywearing benefits why

Using a baby sling or carrier to hold your baby or child close to your body is called “babywearing”. And it’s more than a means of transport or a hands-free kit. What are the Benefits of… … babywearing for your baby/child? meets baby’s innate need for physical contact aids the development of a strong bond with the person wearing the … Read More

What should baby wear on her legs and feet in a baby sling?

baby sling legs feet warm

You may have heard that, when using a baby sling or baby carrier with your precious bundle, one layer of sling roughly equals to one layer of clothing. That’s for the body parts in the sling or carrier – and until baby starts bringing arms out at around 3–4 months, they count as in the sling too. What about the … Read More

10 Things Every Expectant Parent Should Know

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When I was growing my first baby, I thought I was prepared for motherhood… I thought it would just work out. I laughed off the antenatal exercise with the clock saying “Sure we know we’ve to make everything work around the baby, not the other way around.” Ha! I hadn’t a clue!! Nine years, three children, several mindees, various training … Read More

Earth Baby Fair – Specials and New Products!


Sooooo, the 2nd Earth Baby Fair is only a few days away and I thought I’ll give you a wee peek at what I’ll have for you on the day. There’s some exciting new products to share!!!! I’ll make this as short as possible … Organic Cotton Training Pants I will have some VERY limited stock of the super soft, … Read More