BabyWhat? What Babywearing is all about … and what it isn’t The term babywearing means carrying a baby or older child in a sling, secured to your body. In today’s busy world, it is often a convenient way to meet the baby’s and caregiver’s needs while still “getting things done“. Babywearing is, however, not a new invention or trend. Parents … Read More

Breastfeeding – Facts and Myths


Here are some facts about breastmilk you may not have been aware of … and some myths busted along the way 🙂 Breastmilk contains hundreds of ingredients that cannot be produced artificially- Breastmilk is unique and custom-made for each baby and each breastfeed – no two breastmilks or breastfeeds are the same. The composition of breastmilk changes depending on the … Read More

A Shop – How does that tie in?


Yep, it’s true, I’m now selling too 🙂 Behind a screen, on open days, at markets … and muhc preferring the latter ones, may I add! If there’s anything the other side of the screen that needs fixing or tweaking, do let me know! Hm, after all those years saying “No, I don’t sell them, because…” … Does me selling … Read More