Each session with bumptobeyond is client-led, moving at your pace, focusing on your needs. You will leave your session with new insights, increased confidence and feeling more grounded as a parent.


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Fees include all materials, refreshements and a comprehensive information pack for you to take home. Sessions are facilitated by an Advanced Breastfeeding Counsellor.

One-on-One Breastfeeding Preparation  €80

3 hours  Book

This session offers focused one-on-one time in a relaxed, informal setting. Using a variety of resources and materials, we will explore the following topics:

  • Meeting Baby’s and Mum’s Needs – The first days and weeks with a new baby
  • Feeding Cues – How to know when baby wants to feed
  • Comfortable Feeding – Latch Positions
  • How you know feeding is going well
  • If things don’t go as expected – Problem Solving
  • Resources and Support
  • Feeding Out and About

Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop  €40

4 hours  charge per couple/mum, 4 -5 couples/mums

Evidence based information and practical tips as in a one-on-one session, but in a group setting. Currently only available on request.

Breastfeeding Debrief  from €50

2 – 3 hours  Book

This session is for parents who have breastfed before (be it hours, days or weeks) and have very specific questions or concerns arising from their previous experience. The debrief is also an opportunity to “off-load” and explore your feelings and thoughts around your first breastfeeding experience.

Sessions are held in bumptobeyond in Dundalk, your home or an alternative location.

Please note that I charge travelling expenses for sessions held outside the wider Dundalk area. I will travel up to 30 minutes for single sessions.