10 Easy Steps to Promote Mental Wellbeing in the Family

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In my post “It’s normal not to feel ok” I’ve illustrated my motivation to sharing with you some thoughts on modelling and teaching mental self-care and emotional health in the family. So I’ll be totally blunt and dive straight in … 1. “Are you ok?” We ask this question all the time, usually when someone looks or acts like they … Read More

It’s normal not to feel ok …

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I’ve spent the past week with a very noisy head … The Cycle Against Suicide had come to town, the kids and I hosted two great lads taking part in it, and I hung around with the littlest after dropping them back to their starting point for the day to listen to the talks… I watched 18 year old Aisling … Read More

Mama, Take some Time Out this Christmas in Dundalk

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Furniture are rearanged to fit trees, lists are being made, people organised, parties and events scheduled, gifts sought … let’s take a breather! Join me every Friday morning until Christmas at bumptobeyond HQ in Dundalk, 10 am – 12 noon to … just be. Bring the little ones, let’s hang back, chat, have a warm cuppa and some festive treats … Read More

Why Puffy Winter Coats, Car Seats and Seat Belts don’t mix

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It’s rather frosty out there, so we get out our children’s puffy winter coats – we want them to be toasty and comfy after all! Did you know though, when hopping into the car with those puffy coats, it’s best to take them off? Winter coats are warm because they trap air as an insulator. And that air, believe it … Read More

Using a Baby Sling or Carrier – What are the Benefits?

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Using a baby sling or carrier to hold your baby or child close to your body is called “babywearing”. And it’s more than a means of transport or a hands-free kit. What are the Benefits of… … babywearing for your baby/child? meets baby’s innate need for physical contact aids the development of a strong bond with the person wearing the … Read More