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Pathi Mei Tai Standard – Dinos


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Our beloved Pathi has been the most popular Mei Tai in my Consultancy Stash ever since we got it…

Handcrafted from start to finish by a mum in Poland, using natural fabrics, these works of art are comfortable, sturdy and adjustable – no strings attached!

You can custom-fit your Pathi Baby to you, other wearers and your child simply by using the head rest and shoulder straps in different ways (details here).

  • Fits children up to 18 months*
  • Adjustable to child and wearer
  • One size fits all (up to about size 22)
  • Waist and shoulder straps are padded where they lie on the shoulders and hips, spreading weight more evenly.
  • Fully reversible (reverse is plain soft cotton like shoulder straps and snaps for optional hood)
  • Legs out padding
  • Handcrafted entirely by one person – from choosing fabrics to taking it to the post office.

Out of stock? We always have a sample in-store, at markets and events 🙂

*A note on age: People come in all shapes and sizes and age can only ever be a rough estimate – for anything in life. Adjusting a sling to a small newborn baby may take some experience or guidance, especially with a sling that needs a little bit of softening. The vast majority of babies will fit this sling comfortably from 2 – 3 months. And a lot of people use it with children older than 18 months for occasional use.

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