If you don’t know your choices, you don’t have any.

Consultancy and Sling Library Stash

During Consultations and Workshops with bumptobeyond you have lots of choice! I have close to 40 slings and carriers available for you to work with, and to borrow depending on availability. Slings marked * are available to purchase from the bumptobeyond shop in Dundalk or online.

sling stash


Woven Wraps

Colimacon 4.50m
Wrapsody Breeze M*
(Wrapsody Hybrid*)
Hoppediz, size 6 (x 2)
Girasol diamond weave, size 5
Girasol, size 4

Stretchy & Hybrid Wraps

WrapDuo (suitable for use in water)*
Wrapsody Hybrid*
Isara Stretchy*
Boba stretchy*
Je Porte Mon Bébé original
Close Caboo Carrier

Ring Slings

Oscha Éire Barrog
Little Frog

Soft Structured/Buckle Carriers

Isara Standard*
JoNo Standard*
JoNo Halfbuckle Standard*
Luna Evo
Boba 4G
Moby Aria
Connecta Standard
Tula Standard
Isara Toddler*
JoNo Toddler*
Huckepack Toddler

Mei Tais

JoNo Halfbuckle Standard*
Pathi Standard*
Pathi Toddler*


Urban Pouch, Fleece

Please note: During shop Opening Hours only in-stock slings are available for customers to try. Pre-arranged rental slings may be picked up during Opening Hours.

Renting a sling from bumptobeyond

Slings and carriers are available to rent for up to one week following a full Consultation as part of your investment. Outside of this, slings may be rented in person for one week, depending on availability. As bumptobeyond is not a full time Sling Library, slings are not generally available for long-term hire to ensure clients have a wide range of slings available to them during Consultations and Workshops.

Returning rented slings and carriers

Please return any rented slings and accessoires at the agreed date/time, either in person or by registered post.

Washing rented slings and carriers

There’s no need to wash your rented sling/carrier unless spot cleaning it won’t suffice. Should you find a full wash necessary, slings and carriers can be washed at 30°C and hung to dry. Please use non-bio detergent and do not use fabric conditioner. Put the sling/carrier into a pillow case or laundry net to protect your machine and the sling/carrier. I would ask you not to smoke while wearing a sling or allow animals to sit or lie on it.

A note on safety

Your child’s safety is your own responsibility. Please check the sling/carrier often and refer to the manufacturers guidelines and SLING guide to ensure correct usage. Inspect all seams and hardware before putting your child in a carrier or sling. Please contact me should you have any concerns.

To rent from a wider choice of carriers and slings, you can attend the regular Babywearing Ireland Northeast Sling Meets or get in touch with the Babywearing Ireland National Library.