Breastfeeding: The Right Support Makes a Difference

breastfeeding support help Louth Dundalk Drogheda

This blog post is a compilation of posts I shared on my facebook page for National Breastfeeding Week. You will find a comprehensive collection of articles and resources on my Feeding Resources Page. *************************** Thanks to our modern lifestyle, not many of us are exposed to tiny humans on a regular basis. Even less expectant parents have had the opportunity … Read More

Fore- to Hindmilk – It’s like turning on the hot water tap …


I’ve written before about feeding to baby’s cues, whether you are breastfeeding or have chosen artificial substitutes. In this post, I will look at the mechanics of breastfeeding, particularly the illusive fore- and hindmilk. Regular readers and clients will know I like imagery, so for this post we are going to dive into the world of …. plumbing! We are … Read More

A Dad’s Role in the (new) Family

It’s the third weekend in June, Father’s Day is upon us. Time to dedicate an entire post just to you, Dad. Dads often feel a bit sidelined. Understandably. From the moment of conception it’s all about mum and baby. For labour and birth, Dads are asked to step up. And then off they go to stand in a corner again … Read More

Parenting Snowballs. What your Parenting can do for other Parents.


You never know how many people you will influence by just doing what you are doing… I am sitting in my old room, in my parents’ house. The same room I sat in pretty much exactly 8 years ago, with a 5 months bump, surounded by baby stuff I had bought second hand here in Germany for same bump, including … Read More

New beginnings – A S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. Guide for new Parents


My baby is 3 days old, sleeping on a bean bag beside me. I’m lying on the sofa, not able to sleep or read, feeling restless… My hubby comes in, walks over to baby, lifts him… I watch him straighten up, gently cradling the little bundle in his big hands, lifting him closer, snuggling him into his chest – in … Read More