Fore- to Hindmilk – It’s like turning on the hot water tap …


I’ve written before about feeding to baby’s cues, whether you are breastfeeding or have chosen artificial substitutes. In this post, I will look at the mechanics of breastfeeding, particularly the illusive fore- and hindmilk. Regular readers and clients will know I like imagery, so for this post we are going to dive into the world of …. plumbing! We are … Read More

A Dad’s Role in the (new) Family

It’s the third weekend in June, Father’s Day is upon us. Time to dedicate an entire post just to you, Dad. Dads often feel a bit sidelined. Understandably. From the moment of conception it’s all about mum and baby. For labour and birth, Dads are asked to step up. And then off they go to stand in a corner again … Read More

Review: Ruckeli Birth to Toddler Carrier

Ruckeli baby carrier newborn carrier baby sling buckle carrier SSC toddler carrier birth to toddler organic cotton baby sling

“Here, will you take the bump today?” That request started Ruckeli, a baby carrier designed by a Dad with Dads in mind. As usual for reviews, the disclaimer first (well, two, this time): This is a personal opinion and observation review, based on my own experience and feedback of other tester. I am grateful for their opinions and willingness to … Read More

New beginnings – A S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. Guide for new Parents


My baby is 3 days old, sleeping on a bean bag beside me. I’m lying on the sofa, not able to sleep or read, feeling restless… My hubby comes in, walks over to baby, lifts him… I watch him straighten up, gently cradling the little bundle in his big hands, lifting him closer, snuggling him into his chest – in … Read More

Christmas Time and Baby – How to make it all work for everyone.

Christmas baby newborn baby's first Christmas

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine, Children Singing … yep, it’s that time of the year again: Friends and family returning home from far afield to visit, parties to go to, presents to buy, fairs to visit … It can be overwhelming and stressful for most adults. And now there’s a baby in the mix too! The festive season throws up … Read More