Stay Safe with your little ones during Snowgeddon

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The country has nearly ground to a halt as #thebeastfromtheeast and #stormemma bring temperatures and snow that Ireland just isn’t used to or prepared for. Having grown up with frosty, snowy winters, I thought I’d share a few tips on keeping your family safe in the arctic conditions this spring 2018, so you still get to enjoy the rare winter … Read More

Mama, Take some Time Out this Christmas in Dundalk

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Furniture are rearanged to fit trees, lists are being made, people organised, parties and events scheduled, gifts sought … let’s take a breather! Join me every Friday morning until Christmas at bumptobeyond HQ in Dundalk, 10 am – 12 noon to … just be. Bring the little ones, let’s hang back, chat, have a warm cuppa and some festive treats … Read More

Using a Baby Sling or Carrier – What are the Benefits?

baby sling baby carrier babywearing benefits why

Using a baby sling or carrier to hold your baby or child close to your body is called “babywearing”. And it’s more than a means of transport or a hands-free kit. What are the Benefits of… … babywearing for your baby/child? meets baby’s innate need for physical contact aids the development of a strong bond with the person wearing the … Read More

10 Things Every Expectant Parent Should Know

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When I was growing my first baby, I thought I was prepared for motherhood… I thought it would just work out. I laughed off the antenatal exercise with the clock saying “Sure we know we’ve to make everything work around the baby, not the other way around.” Ha! I hadn’t a clue!! Nine years, three children, several mindees, various training … Read More

Talk Less, Say More (2) – Practical Tips for Everyday Life

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In the first part of this blog series I’ve explained the background of non-verbal communication a wee bit and what got me thinking about it in the first place. I am grateful for all your feedback, sharing your experience and thoughts after reading the first part. Reading about your own experiences made me smile and fuelled me. A lot of … Read More