Stay Safe with your little ones during Snowgeddon

weather warning beast from the east storm emma

The country has nearly ground to a halt as #thebeastfromtheeast and #stormemma bring temperatures and snow that Ireland just isn’t used to or prepared for. Having grown up with frosty, snowy winters, I thought I’d share a few tips on keeping your family safe in the arctic conditions this spring 2018, so you still get to enjoy the rare winter … Read More

Why Puffy Winter Coats, Car Seats and Seat Belts don’t mix

children puffy winter coat in car seat

It’s rather frosty out there, so we get out our children’s puffy winter coats – we want them to be toasty and comfy after all! Did you know though, when hopping into the car with those puffy coats, it’s best to take them off? Winter coats are warm because they trap air as an insulator. And that air, believe it … Read More

What should baby wear on her legs and feet in a baby sling?

baby sling legs feet warm

You may have heard that, when using a baby sling or baby carrier with your precious bundle, one layer of sling roughly equals to one layer of clothing. That’s for the body parts in the sling or carrier – and until baby starts bringing arms out at around 3–4 months, they count as in the sling too. What about the … Read More

SLING guide

TICKS baby sling safety

I have developed the SLING guide as an aide memoire for parents and those working with parents alike. It comprises frequent queries and concerns while also addressing the fact that babywearing safety and comfort should consider the baby’s and wearer’s needs. I hope you find it helpful, Ina x (click to view full size)