Five things you should know before you start babywearing

Fivethings you should know before you start babywearing baby sling baby carrier ireland

1. Try before you buy Slings are like shoes: what’s perfect for one person, might be a no-­go for another. Before you decide on a particular sling or carrier, try a few with your little one for fit and comfort. You can do that by booking a Sling Consultation, attending a Babywearing Ireland Sling Meet, or popping into a specialist Babywearing … Read More

SLING guide

TICKS baby sling safety

I have developed the SLING guide as an aide memoire for parents and those working with parents alike. It comprises frequent queries and concerns while also addressing the fact that babywearing safety and comfort should consider the baby’s and wearer’s needs. I hope you find it helpful, Ina x (click to view full size)

Breastfeeding in a Sling

newborn feedig sling

When contacting me about a sling to use, a lot of mums add “one I can feed in” to their requirements. Often followed by “I need to be able to feed the baby and have both hands for the toddler”. Phew, now there’s a few boxes to tick! Theory and Practice In theory, you can feed in all ergonomic slings, … Read More



BabyWhat? What Babywearing is all about … and what it isn’t The term babywearing means carrying a baby or older child in a sling, secured to your body. In today’s busy world, it is often a convenient way to meet the baby’s and caregiver’s needs while still “getting things done“. Babywearing is, however, not a new invention or trend. Parents … Read More