Mama, Take some Time Out this Christmas in Dundalk

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Furniture are rearanged to fit trees, lists are being made, people organised, parties and events scheduled, gifts sought … let’s take a breather!

Join me every Friday morning until Christmas at bumptobeyond HQ in Dundalk, 10 am – 12 noon to … just be.

Bring the little ones, let’s hang back, chat, have a warm cuppa and some festive treats (or a glass of water and carrot sticks, if you prefer!)

Ha, I hear you say, not a chance, a hang out in a specialist baby shop, surrounded by all the slings and hats and tights and teething jewellery and mama fluff I neeeeed (not) buy!

Well, I reply, you don’t have to set foot into the studio at all! You can walk by the shop door cool as a snowman and head straight for the sofa and fairy lights.

Really, it’s just about the coming together, holding space and enjoying company without rush. Like huddling together and slowing down in a warm cave while the winter storms blow outside.

See you on Friday xx

Dundalk Baby Shop Christmas

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