Why bumptobeyond is Together for Yes

repeal together for yes

If you know bumptobeyond’s philosophy and my voluntary and professional work, you’ll not need an explanation why I am supporting the yes campaign. And I wasn’t going to offer one. I did, however, have two consult requests this week that underline how my work and the need to repeal the 8th Amendment tie in.

One mum contacted me to learn how to feed her baby in a sling. Another made contact through her Lactation Consultant looking for support in transitioning from feeding in the sling to in-arms feeding. Two very different sets of personal circumstances, two very unique experiences and wishes, and a huge variety in needs.

For both mums I offered support based on their individual needs, providing information, educating, offering guidance and suggestions. I never work with “the baby” or “the mum”. Both are entwined in a myriad of social, emotional, financial, physical networks that impact their needs, wishes and resources. I would consider it highly inconsiderate and unprofessional to tell these mums what they should and shouldn’t do or that I did things a certain way with my children.


I know that these mums know their own situation, resilience, coping mechanisms and circumstances best. My aim and role is to enable them to make choices that work for them, in their unique situation, now. In the past few years I have found myself in situations that I thought I was considerate and empathetic of and, still, when I was in it myself, it was a whole different kettle of fish.

I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone how they SHOULD handle their own circumstances. I am not them. And I expect the same courtesy from everyone else.

#repealthe8th #together4yes #equality

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