Baby Sling and Carrier Comparison

guide to baby sling carrier comparison

This chart offers you some guidelines to narrow down your choices from the wide range here at bumptobeyond, based on your needs and wishes.

Baby Sling & Carrier Comparison Chart

A downloadable pdf version is also available in the bumptobeyond facebook group.

You can find out more about each sling or carrier and view photos in the detailed descriptions in our Slings and Carriers category. And you can, of course, send any questions my way in store, at events or online.

For an overview over different sling types and what to be mindful of when choosing a sling or carrier for you and your small person, have a read of my “Ultimate Guide to Baby Slings and Carriers“.

Of course, if you were to ask my consult clients, they’d tell you to cut the chase, avoid the trial and error and potentially expensive mis-buys by spending 1.5 – 2 focused hours at private Consultation to find your perfect sling match. I’m not going to argue with that …

Let me know how you are getting on with the chart and what other support tools you’d finde helpful.

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