Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen: This one is special

Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen Europe Ireland

My first encounter with a Wrapsody Hybrid (called “Gypsymama” back then) was at the first ever Babywearing Ireland conference in late 2008, when my oldest was just over 1 year old.

Back then it was stocked by the lovely Kirsti in Little Acorns, Ireland’s first specialist brick and mortar Babywearing Shop. When Kirsti moved on to other ventures there was no more Wrapsody in Ireland.

Wrapsody Wrap Ireland

So when I decided to add retail to bumptobeyond in 2014, Wrapsody were the first manufacturer I contacted to bring these amazing wraps back to parents in Ireland. Kristi, the brand owner, is a truly inspiring woman, who runs a business built on strong values and ethics of compassion, fair trade, craftmanship and ethical production. Working with her has been refreshing and insightful – on many levels.

Now, I’m not known for my sense of or interest in fashion and trends. I’m a practical kinda girl, it needs to work, and preferably work well. Hence, I don’t get excited about designs and patterns and colours. Kristen (the wrap now, it gets a bit confusing with all those K-names!) though got to me.

wrapsody hybrid wrap Kristen

The first image I saw of Kristen

When the colourway was announced, I got excited at the idea of a stretchy teaching wrap. I thought it would be incredibly helpful for new parents during consults and great for new wrappers to build confidence. The colours didn’t particularly interest me ( I liked the dandelion seeds though), just the idea of bringing ease to parents and the potential to make their start into babywearing a tad less overwhelming.

But goodness me. Once I opened my first Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen and tried it on …. it blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it to show passes in all sorts of stretchy and woven wrap techniques so beautifully. I hadn’t envisaged the colours playing together so amazingly when they pass along each other, particularly in back and hip carries.

Kristen introduced me to the art of wrapping (as in: it brought more to my wrapping than comfort and practical considerations). For the first time ever, I got so excited about a wrap and wrapping that I may have spammed the Wrapslings Ireland group a wee bit with shots of different wrap techniques and finishes. Ehem…


dodgy lighting, rushed photo jobs – didn’t stop me spamming :)

Kristen comes out all the time at demos and in consults.

It speaks to me as a visual learner,

carries my passion for teaching,

passes on my love of slings as a parenting tool.

And, apparently, it speaks to people’s fashiony part of the brain too … everybody who sees it loves it!

Imagine my disappointment when it was discontinued as a Wrapsody colourway… So sad and disappointed was I, that I actually sent off an email campaigning for Kristen to at least come back to Europe!

Then Holly, the European distributor, suggested I could bring it back as an Exclusive. Talk about a rollercoaster! An initial “Oh my goodness, that’s the best idea ever!” had me straight through the roof only to return smack bang to the ground a few seconds later with a “There’s no way I could stem that committment”.

Holly understood though, and I am incredibly grateful for her support to now be able to offer Kristen again, an amazing teaching wrap, sling library wrap, learning wrap and just plain awesome “I love wrapping” wrap.

wrapsody hybrid toddler

It does help that it’s poppable like a stretchy for that all important ease and convenience with a newborn … and will remain with you, for front carries, hip carries and back carries, well into toddlerhood.

It really will become part of your family.


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