Why Puffy Winter Coats, Car Seats and Seat Belts don’t mix

children puffy winter coat in car seat

It’s rather frosty out there, so we get out our children’s puffy winter coats – we want them to be toasty and comfy after all! Did you know though, when hopping into the car with those puffy coats, it’s best to take them off? Winter coats are warm because they trap air as an insulator. And that air, believe it … Read More

Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen: This one is special

Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen Europe Ireland

My first encounter with a Wrapsody Hybrid (called “Gypsymama” back then) was at the first ever Babywearing Ireland conference in late 2008, when my oldest was just over 1 year old. Back then it was stocked by the lovely Kirsti in Little Acorns, Ireland’s first specialist brick and mortar Babywearing Shop. When Kirsti moved on to other ventures there was … Read More

Breastfeeding: The Right Support Makes a Difference

breastfeeding support help Louth Dundalk Drogheda

This blog post is a compilation of posts I shared on my facebook page for National Breastfeeding Week. You will find a comprehensive collection of articles and resources on my Feeding Resources Page. *************************** Thanks to our modern lifestyle, not many of us are exposed to tiny humans on a regular basis. Even less expectant parents have had the opportunity … Read More

Six Reasons why you should switch to Reusable Menstrual Products

CSP Cloth Sanitary Pad Reusable Menstrual Pad Menstrual Cup

It’s kinder to the environment This one is obvious. Instead of using and throwing away tens of thousands of disposable pads and tampons during your menstruating years, you reuse a few dozen. Reusable pads don’t rot in landfill for years or pose a risk to wildlife. In an article for Juno Magazine, Tamsin Hopkins states that “In 2013, the Marine … Read More

Baby Sling and Carrier Comparison

guide to baby sling carrier comparison

This chart offers you some guidelines to narrow down your choices from the wide range here at bumptobeyond, based on your needs and wishes. Baby Sling & Carrier Comparison Chart A downloadable pdf version is also available in the bumptobeyond facebook group. You can find out more about each sling or carrier and view photos in the detailed descriptions in … Read More