Stay Safe with your little ones during Snowgeddon

weather warning beast from the east storm emma

The country has nearly ground to a halt as #thebeastfromtheeast and #stormemma bring temperatures and snow that Ireland just isn’t used to or prepared for. Having grown up with frosty, snowy winters, I thought I’d share a few tips on keeping your family safe in the arctic conditions this spring 2018, so you still get to enjoy the rare winter … Read More

Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen: This one is special

Wrapsody Hybrid Kristen Europe Ireland

My first encounter with a Wrapsody Hybrid (called “Gypsymama” back then) was at the first ever Babywearing Ireland conference in late 2008, when my oldest was just over 1 year old. Back then it was stocked by the lovely Kirsti in Little Acorns, Ireland’s first specialist brick and mortar Babywearing Shop. When Kirsti moved on to other ventures there was … Read More

Baby Sling and Carrier Comparison

guide to baby sling carrier comparison

This chart offers you some guidelines to narrow down your choices from the wide range here at bumptobeyond, based on your needs and wishes. Baby Sling & Carrier Comparison Chart A downloadable pdf version is also available in the bumptobeyond facebook group. You can find out more about each sling or carrier and view photos in the detailed descriptions in … Read More

Five things you should know before you start babywearing

Fivethings you should know before you start babywearing baby sling baby carrier ireland

1. Try before you buy Slings are like shoes: what’s perfect for one person, might be a no-­go for another. Before you decide on a particular sling or carrier, try a few with your little one for fit and comfort. You can do that by booking a Sling Consultation, attending a Babywearing Ireland Sling Meet, or popping into a specialist Babywearing … Read More

Using a Baby Sling or Carrier – What are the Benefits?

baby sling baby carrier babywearing benefits why

Using a baby sling or carrier to hold your baby or child close to your body is called “babywearing”. And it’s more than a means of transport or a hands-free kit. What are the Benefits of… … babywearing for your baby/child? meets baby’s innate need for physical contact aids the development of a strong bond with the person wearing the … Read More