What should baby wear on her legs and feet in a baby sling?

baby sling legs feet warm

You may have heard that, when using a baby sling or baby carrier with your precious bundle, one layer of sling roughly equals to one layer of clothing. That’s for the body parts in the sling or carrier – and until baby starts bringing arms out at around 3–4 months, they count as in the sling too. What about the … Read More

How to Babywear in Warm Weather

babywearing summer baby sling heat baby sun protect baby from sun

The days are getting longer and, dare I say it, sunnier and warmer! Secretely we are hoping for a similar summer to the last two years with plenty of sunshine and some hot days. And questions turn from “How do I keep baby warm in the sling out and about” to “How do I keep my baby cool and protected … Read More